My name is Renae, I’m 23 years old from Adelaide, South Australia and a full-time follower of God! I study Architecture by day and let my imagination run even more wild by night. Keeping me occupied is a toughie as I love experiencing and tripping it to new places. Although I am an amateur, sharing my creativity through photography is something I enjoy and am always improving in.

No huge back story – I’m just here to spread joy, love and happiness through all the things I find great. I hope you can find them great too and be inspired to step out and do all things that brings you joy!

Have a wonderful day!!

Renae x

‘God had saw all that he had made, and it was very good’ – Genesis 1 : 31

*All images on this site are my own unless stated and sourced otherwise. Please contact me for permission to use. Thanks!


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