South Australia | Yorke Peninsula

Camping trip? Dad’s ute, my bike, Jel’s surfboard and a long Spotify playlist was all we really needed to spend the weekend away exploring our own backyard.

3.5 hour drive from the Barossa landed us in the stunning Innes National Park on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula region. Known for pristine beaches with water as blue as the sky, friendly wildlife and ultimate campsites, this was a destination I needed to explore! We arrived midnight Friday night, set up our tent in 3 minutes flat and woke up to wet feet. Yep, when you hope to make the most of the warm sea breeze but it rains early morning, wet feet is what you get. Never mind, up at the crack of dawn and we were ready to take on the day. First stop, Shell beach. A literal 5 minute walk from our tent front door. We hit warm, damp sand. Untouched by humans with gentle waves rolling in, warmer then the outside air.

We then rolled down the dusty roads making our way to every single other beach along the coast of the park. stopping and exploring each. Dolphin Bay was a highlight, calmer and clearer then ever. We came along a boat wreck and then a ship wreck. We rode our bikes to a light house with an epic coast line view and then made our way back to camp all before 1pm.

Shell Beach is home to the most amazing rock pool filled with little fish and marine life, but inviting enough for a quick dip. A little chilly but all worth the initial dive we spent the afternoon here and sleeping on the beach, like good travellers do, soaking up the sunlight and perhaps turning a little red.

The evening was spent relaxing in the surroundings and eating seafood for tea before day 2.





Day 2 was spent doing a scenic drive along the other side of the York Peninsula foot along the coast line including epic beaches, incredible surf and the best fun. I even had a crack at amateur 4WDing along a track taking us onto the beach and back.

A few beautiful sights we stopped at along the way.





I highly suggest seeing Innes National Park for a day trip or a week trip. Could’ve easily spent a few more days soaking up the sun. It’s good fun and getting that vitamin D is what makes us happy. Even better when you have good company.

Go explore an area you’ve never been before wether that’s 3 hours or 1 hour away. Get outside and lets all have fun!

Keep Smiling!

Renae x



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  1. I visited Australia a few years ago. it was amazing . What a great country

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