United States Freedom Trail | Washington D.C & Camping?

A couple years ago after summer camp I dedicated two weeks of solid travel to sight see across the United States of America. This began with the ‘Freedom Trail’ through Intrepid Travel. This was an awesome tour that went for seven days beginning in Newark (just out of New York City) and finishing in Boston. We travelled via small van with a group of eight including our tour leader. It was great having such a small group, we could all stay together while still seeing everything we wanted to.

Meet ‘Van Morrison’

P1070081 (1)

Accommodation across these seven nights included tents mostly and a night in a hostel. This was fun  although time was taken setting up camp, however we had the opportunity to stay in some pretty cool camp spots, so I wasn’t complaining.

P1070108 (1)

Washington D.C.

This was my second visit as I went there for a day with camp leaders. We had a night tour drive seeing the huge memorials lit up. It completely changes the feel of the city and creates different perspectives. So cool and check out the World War II Memorial!

P1060893 (1)

The following day we had to explore. As Washington D.C. is so flat we figured it a good idea to hire bikes and ride monument to monument. This was seriously the best life decision as you get to and from so much quicker and such less effort than walking. It was a beautiful day and why not!

The Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and The Capitol were just a few of the memorials we witnessed. They are all huge and just as fascinating as the next. The detail and effort that goes into these is insane!

P1060969 (1)

P1060959 (1)

Washington D.C is also home to every single museum and gallery one could ever want and most being free to enter as well which was an added bonus! These included the Smithsonian Institution, The National Museum of Natural History, The National Air and Space Museum, The National Museum of American History and The National Archives Building which is home to the Declaration of Independence. You know the movie with Nicholas Cage, National Treasure where he attempts to take the Declaration of Independence? Yep. That’s the one. Definitely check out this building, the security is right up there but it’s so fascinating, if not what it holds but the architecture.

P1070030 (1)

P1060990 (1)

From D.C. we headed north through Maryland to the state of Pennsylvania to hit Gettysburg. Where the battle of Gettysburg had taken place back in 1863 during the American Civil War. Between 46,000 and 51,000 American soldiers lost there lives over the three days of battle in this exact location. This was an incredible experience and well worth the visit to learn more about how America came to be the nation we know today. We explored the town before heading out to the battlefield.

P1070101 (1)

P1070087 (1)

Pennsylvania is a beautiful lush state, filled with forests, huge oaks and bears? Yep. Bears are in this region just where we set up camp for the night. Our tents no thicker than a pair of stockings, wasn’t going to save us from these incredible balls of fur. We didn’t witness any that evening or morning probably because all our food was safely locked away in the trailer, padlocked shut, deterring the bears to go elsewhere for a feed.

We were here for one night before hitting the road again on route to Niagara Falls.

Keep Smiling!

Renae x



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