Summer Camp | Camp Bonus

Okay so summer camp is all fun and games until the weekend. What might the leaders get up to on the weekends from Friday afternoon through to Sunday morning when all the campers are unpacking or packing at home?

The weekends were our time. Our chance to get to know America, our chance to explore the area and our chance to do what ever we pleased.

The first weekend we went to Rehoboth Beach! This was a great opportunity to get to know fellow leaders and make friendships. We explored the area, shopping, food and hung out at the beach making human pyramids while getting a good dose of vitamin sea. This beach was completely different to the ones at home, with much less sand, (brown sand) and quite rough, very close to shore.


All our shopping trips and weekends were organised by camp directors and they had two vans to transport us from A to B. This made it so easy and loud sing alongs in the van were a must on pretty much every trip. We went to Walmart nearly every weekend to stock up on supplies like lollies, shampoo and perhaps a new pair of shoes or sunnies if you weren’t so lucky during the week.

Weekend trip two, we visited Washington D.C. About a two hour drive from camp we were dropped off at the train station and walked around this beautiful city visiting monuments such as the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, and the World War II Memorial. This city is so beautiful with heaps of grass land, huge oaks, beautiful gardens and quiet minus tourists. It has such a peace about it and is definitely worth the visit, even if you don’t know much about the USA or the history. You want to know? You’ll find it in D.C.




Another weekend we went to Dorney Theme Park. This was such fun! myself and some fellow leaders decided to spend the morning on the rollercoasters and the afternoon at the water park. I had never been on a proper rollercoaster before and to go on eight or nine in one morning was epic! A storm came in later during the day forcing us to leave, but without trying most of the waterslides. The drive home was amazing, with lightning in all directions. (Here’s the link for Dorney Theme Park if you’re in the area! Dorney Park)

Weekend trip four took me to Mary’s house. It was awesome meeting Centreville locals, and being invited into their homes to stay for a night. Mary showed us around her home town (Centreville is the cutest), we went out for tea and hung out at a park just up the road. Thank you so much to Mary and her family for being so inviting and welcoming to us foreigners. Also thank you to Molly and her family for letting us stay as well on another weekend. Awesome times!

Weekend trip five took us to Baltimore where we watched a baseball match feat. Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles. What an atmosphere! The baseball was shocking, so boring and I couldn’t keep track but the crowd was going wild, and the music and fill ins between ballers was so awesome! Such a fun environment and worth is just for the experience.


These are a few activities we got up to during off time at camp. Each camp is different depending on the area and group of people but I’m positive fun is had by all!

This wraps up everything I have to share about my time at summer camp. Feel free to comment or message me for any questions or concerns you have or anything great you want to share as well! If you are thinking about applying, I would recommend it for sure! Have faith, do adventure and trust God with what could potentially be your greatest summer!

Keep Smiling!

Renae x



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