Summer Camp | A Day at Camp

Here’s what a day as a lifeguard at a summer camp looked like for me.

7:00am – Rise and shine and time for all campers to get out of bed, dressed, brush teeth and get everything needed for the day together (bibles, towel, enclosed shoes, sunscreen etc.)

7:30am – Breakfast in dining hall. (At times have to arrive earlier to help set up the hall). Breakfasts consisted of eggs, bacon, cereal, fruit, toast, yoghurt and on Fridays… doughnuts!

Around 8ish – Leave dining hall, say bye to my campers and head over to the pier to set up kayaks, canoes and organise the day ahead.

Around 9ish – The first group of campers stop by and we (lifeguards) take in turns taking groups either on splashdown, kayaking or canoeing. If we weren’t with a group of campers we were either keeping watch or sleeping under the best tree ever!

This continued for the rest of the morning.

12pm – Lunch time in the dining hall! Yeeeew! Grilled Cheese and pizza was a tip of the selection.

Around 1ish – Back to the pier to continue taking groups of campers out on the water until around 5:00pm.

5ish – Tea time once everything at the river was packed up. This sometimes consisted of Taco Tuesday, Spaghetti Sunday, and other camp favourites.

After tea – We worshiped! and we worshiped with all joy, all heart and all senses. In the worship hall (an awesome wooden everything) we sang, danced, prayed and communed with windows out to the river it was a beautiful time to reflect and thank God for the week and day that was and what was ahead of us too.

There were different activities after Worship but campers in bed and lights out at 10pm

After 10pm – This was leader time. We had an area equipped with television, some temperamental wifi and super comfy couches. This time was spend relaxing, laughing and enjoying each others company without the responsibility of kids!

11:30pm – An excellent time to shower (top picks of the showers) before heading to bed ready for another superb day at camp tomorrow.

12am – ZZzzzzzzz


Everyday was different with it’s own challenges and memories. Lifeguarding allowed for sunset trips down the river for a couple of hours, and also spending a few days at the pool when needed and after hour swims and boat rides. We also came across a few different animals during the time including a snapping turtle (literally prehistoric).



We had camp fires including s’mores (two biscuits stuck together with melted marshmallow and a chocolate block), group games including get to know you games, dress up competitions and song challenges. We had a camp disco, fun fair and water games afternoon. These are just a few things that summer camp at Pecometh offers and as a leader such a fun experience to help the kids get the most out of everything they participate in.

Stay tuned to hear all about life at a summer camp, camp bonus’.

Keep Smiling!

Renae x



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  1. Wait, you could actually nap during the day? Next time I wanna be a lifeguard!

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