New Zealand | It’s a Milford Sound 

Day fifteen:

Milford Sound! Four and a half hours out of Queenstown we were debating taking Larry there and exploring on our own or taking a day trip out there. If we had a couple more days, taking Larry there and staying a few nights would have been a thing for sure, but due to limited time the result ended in a day trip.

We booked through Happy Travels two days prior and got in for day fifteen. We jumped on a coach, full with only about twelve people and drove for four and a half hours to Milford. It was an early rise and a late return but ultimately all worth it.

Milford Sound is located within the Fiordlands National Park. Such a stunning area and get this… 99% of the Park has not been touched by foot! That’s how pristine and natural it is. Incredible aye?!

We made a few photo stops along the drive resulting in these beauties.





We arrived at Milford around midday and jumped straight on board our lovely boat. There are so many options when choosing a cruise. Big boats filled with tourists for less money, small boats with less people for more money and sailing ships for even more money. There are also Kayaking options and hiking trips if the time is yours! Our boat was filled with around thirty people, allowing great viewing and space. It also had free tea/coffee and biscuits.

Milford Sound is completely stunning! Huge, huge rock faces with mountains covered in dense forest meeting the ocean inlet. It’s so different to anything I’ve ever seen and so magical. The boat took us out to where the ocean meets and then back. Allowing for the sun to shine on the return and once again completely changing Milford, bringing out the greenery and blue of the ocean. The cruise took us up close to seals just flaking out on rock faces and came in direct contact with. Pot of Dolphins that just wanted to say hey! Truly amazing. (Apparently Orchas have been spotted here too but we missed that boat).





The cruise lasted 1hr45min and we jumped back on the bus back to Queenstown. We arrived back at base around 7:30pm. A big day but another solid day. We also caught up with Jodi and Phoebe for a second round of Ferg Burger to finish us off that that was it for Queenstown.

Seriously a favourite city and ultimate destination if your looking for fun, adventure, adrenaline and completely designed for travellers. Good one Queenstown! I’ll be back for sure 😀

Keep Smiling!

Renae x



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