New Zealand | Hitting up Queenstown

Day thirteen:

Hello, Wanaka. Famous for the Wanaka Tree, the beautiful Lake and an all round wonderful town. We walked the streets, found the tree and was mesmerized by the beauty that surrounds this area. Judging but photos, one would assume the Wanaka Tree to be in the middle of no where, hence needing to travel a distance. However this is not the case. Located three minutes out of town, near a huge carpark and right on the edge of the Lake including a pebble beach and park for dogs. It’s never as a photo seems and once again why you have to see these places in person to appreciate them fully.


Queenstown was our ultimate destination and probably a highlight destination for this trip. The adventure capital of the world, this was my kind of destination and I was well and truly excited for what was in store. The landscape once again changed dramatically, opening up to rugged mountains, huge wide valleys and looking a lot less green then the north of the south. These photos were during the deccent from the mountains into the city of Queenstown and surrounding suburbs.


IMG_1004 (1)

Arrowtown is a small historic village we detoured to. It’s the cutest, with a tiny main street this place is amazing for awesome food, coffee, home made New Zealand goodness and gold. A historic gold mining town, it was so interesting to take a walk along the street and check it out. About thirty minutes from Queenstown, make a stop here and see for yourself.

We arrived in Queenstown mid afternoon and after driving the streets looking for a park (bit of a nightmare) we came across the Queenstown Holiday Park and Motels Creeksyde. Asking for our usual tent site this was home for the next three nights. $30 each for a night was the priciest we came across however due to the close proximity to the city this was a price we were willing to pay. Awesome little holiday park, with amazing facilities in a top location.

Day fourteen:

Yes! Today arrived. Before our trip we booked two things. A Shot over Jet Boat ride and Bungy. First on the list,’The worlds most exciting Jet Boat ride’. We arranged the sunrise ride but got in earlier at 8:00am instead of 8:30am. We were okay with this as the group was small, only five of us all together and meaning more time during they day to pack things in. We met at ‘The Station’, the heart of Queenstown and caught the included bus twenty minutes out of town to the famous Shotover River. Twenty five minutes on the boat and this was such fun! At top speeds of 85km/hr we skipped along the river around huge boulders, though tight canyons and narrowly missing all of the above. Throwing in a few 360 spins, this was such fun and getting a good soaking, you wouldn’t want to do this on a cold day. The hand rails are even heated to prevent frozen fingers. Thanks to the team at Shotover Jet for making this a great introductory to Queenstown. (Take a look and book your own ride at

We spent the majority of the day exploring Queenstown, shopping (great shopping), talking to other travellers and driving out to get this superb view of Lake Wakatipu.




3:00pm came by and this was the most excited I had been the whole trip! The great AJ Hackett Nevis Bungy was happening and the group of us were on the bus wondering what we had actually got ourselves into.

The highest bungy in New Zealand at 134m, the Nevis is a must to for all adrenaline and thrill seekers. Located about forty five minutes from Queenstown, the bus provided was a great way getting there to relax and talk to the others that have the same idea as you. Down a little dirt track, through a gate and up a very steep mountain, just the bus ride itself was a little crazy. Until, there it was. The Canyon that just seemed to keep going forever and dangling by the high wires the Bungy Platform is something else.

Before we knew it we were harnessed up and travelling across the cable car over the spectacular canyon to the centre where jumping was a thing. I was keen, I was set, ready to tackle this and prepared to go first if need be. Nup, I was last. (We didn’t get a choice in the matter, which was probably a good thing). Never have I ever bungyed before so I really didn’t know what to expect and watching others the whip part that sometimes happened had me a little concerned. Music blasting, the guys in on the platform were great! So relaxed (perhaps a little too much), it was a zone to chill, get in the moment and brace yourself.

No more than eight seconds standing right on the ledge, I got the countdown and dive! It was important to go as head first as possible to then prevent the whip like happening at the bottom. I was aiming swan dive, and swan dive I nearly got. The weird sensation of diving into literally nothing and then free falling for what seemed like a long time. The first bounce and then free falling again. It’s two bungies in one. After the second bounce we were instructed to reach our ankles and pull a tab to release our feet. This allowed us to sit upwards and enjoy the view as we were hoisted back to the top. A few didn’t mange this resulting in being hoisted, upside down then being turned the right way up the top. Good for a laugh.

What an incredible feeling! This was so much fun, SO MUCH and the feeling after something huge, adrenaline still running through you is the more amazing thing! You can’t help but smile, laugh, jump around and just be excited of everything this life is about. Thank you thank you thank you Nevis Bungy Team! You guys seriously have the best job! Here’s just a few happy snaps (from the Nevis Bungy Team). 





After all that madness Tahnee challenged the Nevis Swing (the biggest in the world). She had a blast. Free fall for three seconds then a huge 300m swing though the same canyon. Head on over to to find your next adrenaline seeking opportunity! There are so many options and they’re all as good as each other!

After all this fun I think Ferg Burger was on the agenda. It is the most famous Burger Shop in New Zealand and claimed to have the best burger in the world. Well we thought we’d give it a go. It’s not a difficult place to spot as the line up is huge, like all day long. After about forty minutes we received the grand prize. The burger was amazing! Mine consisted of beef, cheese, lettuce, aoli, bacon and some other sauce. It was a great burger, the best I’ve ever eaten and as far as I’m concerned a solid day!



Tomorrow we get to check out Milford Sound so stay tuned for that!!!

Keep Smiling!

Renae x




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  1. Beautiful. I will miss Queenstown for quite sometime now. 😦

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