New Zealand | Wacky Wellington

Woah! Calm down Wellington. We didn’t expect to see you in this manner.

Wellington. Day six. After exploring the valleys of Napier we headed to Wellington. We allowed four hours for this drive according to trusty Google Maps and the lovely lady at the winery. We headed through Hastings, Masterton and Upper Hut before reaching our ultimate destination.

We were warned about logging trucks though the entirety of this route, and to keep left. No problemo, I wasn’t planning to trying to drive on the right anytime through this country. We hit up Wellington around 5:00 and was hit with the unexpected. People, tight roads, merging traffic and busyness. I had never imagined this city to be hectic, but instead a quaint, calm city. Mind you I had never spent the time to research.

‘I Site’, closed. We asked a helpful gentleman where the closest caravan park was, emphasis on caravan park. He pointed us to the port area and said there’s a great place for $50 a night. We sussed it out thinking convenience and a place to park. We arrived and yep, no. The ‘wacky’ hit. This was a car park, only bitumen with parking lots for possibly around forty spaces. This place is dedicated for campers. They have bathrooms and a kitchen facility but in the middle of a carpark. The fence around it was just wire mesh. Rolling out the van after a nights sleep, being greeted by good looking business men on their way to work was not my nor Tahnee’s ideal situation. $50 a night pays for convenience full stop. We moved on. Twenty minutes out of town our trusty Top 10 Holiday Park found us and that’s where we parked for nights of day six and seven.

Day seven:

We have a brand new city to explore! Jumped on a bus, took us for a ride and we ended up intrigued, adventurous and keen as two beens in a city that we knew nothing about. Alternative, Hipster, Urban, Street Art, Coffee shops and awesome markets is everything Wellington. Oh and Waitangi Day! That’s a thing 🙂 (The Australia Day for New Zealand!) This happened to fall the weekend of our stay in Wellington, a great opportunity to witness the beautiful New Zealanders celebrating everything they love and we have come to love about this wonderful country.

Here’s what we found!

IMG_4736 (1).jpg


IMG_4681 (1).jpg

IMG_4684 (1).jpg

Wellington is so interesting filled with fun shops, bright colours, an awesome port, buskers and markets. We checked out the Wellington Underground Markets and the stalls were awesome with plenty of handmade goods, design work and cheap food. Check that out for sure, every Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Thank you for being good to us Wellington and a big shout out goes to the rugby team that serenaded us with their beautiful voices! A harmony of rugby angels, seriously the most amazing thing I may ever have heard! Ta 😀

Tomorrow, day eight, an early start, the ferry calls and the South is coming more and more in direct eye contact! Looking forward to that!

Keep Smiling!

Renae x


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