New Zealand | Art Deco, Wine & Gelato?

When on holiday, one must loose track of the days. It’s an essential part of travelling.

Day five:

We headed out to Taupo consisting of about a one and a half hour drive. No problem at all, a sleep in was on the cards then we packed Larry and headed out. The drive between point A and B today was incredible. Mountains, pine plantations and awesome views on a beautiful sunny day. Oh my heart was happy.

Huka Falls, located about ten minutes from Taupo was a great little pit stop. A five minute walk took us to a bridge over the river where we could witness the water moving under us. The sheer rush of it is so amazing. About 220,000 litres of water flows down the falls every second!! Take another short walk along the edge of the river to witness the falls. The power is incredible!! Ain’t nobody swimming in this area!


We made our way to Lake Taupo, had a look around and visited the trusty ‘I Site’. Nothing really caught our attention here, perhaps we were too excited for the next place so we had lunch and decided to keep driving. The best part about booking accommodation night to night, you can decide last minute where you end up. Napier it was! Napier is our heading and Napier we made it. A longer drive but really nice. A great day to just witness the beauty of the North Island, more pine forests, mountain climbs and then eventually vineyards.

Napier was in sight and it was awesome! What a great town. Architecture and styling fresh from the 1920’s and a real Gatsby theme. Napier is known as the Art Deco capital but wow, they put a new meaning to the word capital. This place is so different from anywhere in New Zealand and it feels like you have just drove back in time. Wineries, chocolate, food and shopping. If that’s what you like I think this is your ultimate destination. We spent the evening exploring the town centre then headed out to a few wineries on day six.




A cute little ice-creamery caught my attention and so morning lunch was spent here. Choosing a flavour was tough but they all looked amazing, so how could one go wrong? Super friendly staff, free tastings on a beautiful street, ‘Lick This’ is worth the visit. You’ll be going back again and again!


Day six:

Wineries was on the agenda and boy did we visit some good ones! The ‘I Site’ lady suggested we visit ‘Mission Winery’ as it’s the oldest in New Zealand. Such a quaint little, or not so little place located out of Napier. Just the gardens are worth a visit. Amazing views makes it the place to be. Wine tasting was $5 so we skipped that one but it was totally worth the drive! We also called in at Church Road Wines and had a few tastings. The ladies were absolutely lovely and helped us find our way to Wellington. They even offered to take a photo of us both 😀





Thank you Napier for looking after us and I would love to come back! Wacky Wellington your in our path and I’m very much looking forward to you!

Keep Smiling!

Renae x


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