Enjoying the Green

So winter is well and truly over, which I love!! The longer winter is gone for the better.. however this means the lush greenery of grass and leaves is leafing (<<pun not intended) us only to be replaced by dirt, dust and the earth showing it’s true, dry, Australian colours, which is also fine but not as enjoyable. Having a picnic isn’t so easy, snakes are getting adventurous and it’s just not as much fun sitting in a patch of dirt to get the desired levels of Vitamin D. I have taken this all on board and have gone out of my way (literally no more than 5 metres from my back door), hunted down the greenest leaves I could find and photographed my way to summer.

This is just a random blog, but one I had  a bit of fun with. These photos turned out quite nicely, possibly great prints or design patterns for something fun. We’ll see what I do with them, until then I’ll share for your pure enjoyment.






Whenever you feel hot, a bit icky or like summer is getting the best of you, head on over this direction of the world wide web and remind yourself how beautiful that green is and that it will come again, sooner than you could ever imagine. Winter is always back but enjoy what summer is, because it will be completely wonderful!! Happy nearly Summer!!

Keep Smiling!

Renae x




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