Getting Foreign | London’s Calling feat. Camden & More…

London second time round. A few posts ago I talked about London, and the sights. The typical tourist landmarks and visits. This was fun but London 2.0 was going to be even better! We had experienced the chaotic mess that is the streets and the layout of London. We stayed across the other side second time round which was great! The hotel was somewhat average but that wasn’t going to kill the London adventurer mood.

We made a list of the things we hadn’t got round to exploring yet and we ticked many of these off, including Madam Tussauds, Abbey Road Studios (The Beatles Crossing), Lord’s Cricket Grounds and seeing the Wicked musical at Apollo Victoria Theatre. We went to China Town and had an awesome dinner with our TopDeck friend, M&M world and met an awesome, awesome busker playing in London, originally from South Australia. Get around Simeon Baker for some easy listening, car ride guitar brilliance. Here’s just a few pic from the couple of days.




Camden Markets was highly recommended by friends so this was our final destination while in the UK. What a cool place! It’s overwhelming actually. The markets are located in old horse stables, with alleys taking you everywhere. There were stalls selling, vintage clothing, furniture, food (plenty of good food), prints, jewellery, shoes and pretty much everything any wanna be hippy could ever imagine! If space and weight wasn’t an issue I would have stocked up my life collection of clothing at these markets.








So this stall above, ‘The Cereal Killer Cafe’ sells cereal, all day everyday. Any type of cereal! I don’t know who came up with this genius idea but you can eat cereal for dinner, or like afternoon lunch or dessert even!! What a superb idea, and how cool is the design of the place. I enjoy it.

Walking the streets of Camden it was evident that street artists had been on the loose, getting all creative and fun! This was something I really enjoyed. Check it out!







London has been great! It’s so hectic, people don’t stop and the streets are tight. It’s so different to home but I’m thankful for the time I spent here, learning about the culture and learning more about me. Europe has provided such great memories and I have experienced so many things in such a short time. Half way home, our next and final destination for this trip is the United Arab Emirates. Stay tuned for more…

Keep Smiling!

Renae x


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