Getting Foreign | Training England

England. Train. Two Aussies. Public Transport. Country Kids. Hmmmmm…..

Generally country kids and public transport don’t go hand in hand too well and we knew that but it was a risk we were willing to take. Lets explore England for one week and be in a different city every day, specifically travelling by train. This was the idea in theory and all organised by the travel agent was a deal maker.


We began the first leg of out trip from London to Bristol. I have a friend in Bristol so why would we not stop there. A few hours later we arrived. Rain, rain, rain, rain and rain. This was the first experience of bad English weather and Bristol showed us good! I was okay with this. Out came the umbrella and a good run to the hotel. I organised to meet up with Mark for lunch and he showed us around the city a little bit. It was nice and Bristol is cool! Creative, designey and everything I loved. It’s also the hometown to Wallace & Gromit and some cool street art. Check it out!


Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Seriously though, the best purchase my entire trip was this mug. Heidi also got one and they joined us for the rest of the journey! Thanks Urban Outfitters, you’re really really great! I have a fond love for you!!



Thanks for having us Bristol, you’re cool (literally and non-literally!) We jumped aboard our second train for the week towards Manchester. The trains are so easy to navigate by the way, it really is a great way to see the country side of England as well as covering distance. There was space for luggage ( which we only found after our second trip! No need to store it under your feet) and reserved seating made it simple and convenient.

Manchester was clear! No rain thank you!! I appreciated the sun when there was a walk involved. Little did we know it was 5.5km from the train station to our hotel. I had a backpack, with no wheels that weighed about 15kg. I’m not a big person and my shoulders are quite boney so this was not pleasant. A few stops and a KFC revitalising stop was what it took as well as talking Heidi into swapping for the last leg. Yay, she had wheels. We made it around 4:30pm after about 3 hours of lugging our life essentials around. Cheers Manchester. that’s all we were going to see of you because we were knackered! Completely worn out. There was a quaint little pub just across from the hotel for tea. Quite lovely but the exhaustion was something we both needed to deal with, so a quiet night in and sleep.

IMG_2536 1


IMG_2520 1

Manchester Train Station is an interesting place, and quite photogenic. I had a great time!

IMG_2529 1

IMG_2527 1


Manchester to The Lake District! I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THE LAKE DISTRICT!! We had pre booked one train, that was an hour and a half drive from the hotel we booked. Not ideal at all, so two trains, a bus and a taxi ride later we made it to our hotel. It was really beautiful. The Castle Inn was the name and it was like a little castle. Very beautiful, and the surroundings are stunning! County views. Lakes, rolling hills and green. Green everywhere. It was a bit of a miserable day, showers and cold but we didn’t let this get us down. The afternoon consisted of a great walk to the nearest lake, The Lake Distillery and The Sun Inn for tea. Here’s a few of my favourites!








The Lake District is actually stunning! We only had the afternoon there unfortunately but its worth a good week! It has lovely little villages scattered and the scenery is amazing! It’s a great place for adventures and you really have to seize the day to enjoy every part that the Lake District has to offer. Make a trip here!! I promise you will love it!


I had no idea about Cambridge but it’s on the way back to London so this was our last stop in ‘country England’. It’s a town (little did I know) and it’s actually fairly big. There’s the university and yep. It’s a nice place with some quirky restaurants and bars but that’s pretty much it. It was worth the visit for the Cambridge University tee-shirt but it was nice to relax at this place. Tomorrow we were headed back to the big smoke of London for a few last days.


What to do in London this time. Stay tuned for the next blog and you will find out! We actually found some pretty cool places.

Keep Smiling!

Renae x


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