European Getaway | Basically Berlin, Germany

Czech Republic took us smoothly into Germany! Woo! All my ancestors are from here, my Grandma will never let me forget it. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Germany and Berlin especially where we were heading.

First stop Dresden. This was a fun place. We had our first taste of Germany and how could one go past the currywurst? Actually one of the greatest meals I ate on this trip, and yet it’s so wonderfully simple. They even cut up the sausage and you use a tiny little fork to eat it. This little place had a scale one through seven (being the spiciest, hottest, most curry spiced). I actually wanted to finish this meal so I went a three. A few watery eyes and a clear nose later was the after effect of what was possibly the greatest things I have eaten. Here’s a visual of what your imagining tastes a little like heaven. The Fries are an added bonus.

IMG_2250 1


Welcome to Berlin, Germany! First stop was the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park. This is a memorial to commemorate 5,000 of the soldiers killed in the the Battle of Berlin. This memorial is located in such a peaceful area, with beautifully kept grounds. The detail in the statue and the pillars lining the memorial is amazing. This memorial is full of symbolism and walking the paths gets the pondering and thinking cap on.

IMG_2276 1

Berlin is I felt the most modern city we’ve seen and by far the most spread out. Walking everywhere takes time but is an excellent opportunity to see the street life and experience Berlin first hand. We found the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie and a few other cool stops.


IMG_5281One cannot go to Germany and experience the size of a stein. I was one of those people settling for half a stein instead, still a good 500mL. Not being a beer drinker this was difficult to get down but all for the experience and of course a photo. This was a cool venue, the Hofbrau Munchen Berlin. The ceiling lined with wooden beams, filled with joyful people and good feeds. Live music was playing so why would we not dance and conga line afterwards? It is defiantly worth a visit with a group of great friends, have some quality German food, beer and just a good time.


A pub crawl was on the cards for the second night in Berlin. Three cool pubs, lots of loud music and as the night got longer, louder friends as well. We all wore white t-shirts with the taken opportunity to write over everyones. Super fun, great bonding and spending more times with many laughs, creating memories that will forever be encrypted in my mind. Thank you Berlin for a joyous time and thank you Germany for having us!

I would love to explore the German ‘countryside’ one day and spend time in smaller towns. It’s on the cards but until then…. Auf Wiedersehen German!

Back on the bus to our nearly final destination, The Netherlands!!!

Keep Smiling!

Renae x



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