European Getaway | The Czech Republic & Prague!!!

Austria to Czech Republic! I had no idea what to expect from this tiny country I knew nothing about. Walking cobblestone streets up a decent hill took us to a castle that had a moat full of bears (that’s what our tour leader said). Hmm… this would be interesting, how can they get away with that and animal welfare, what? Everyone was keen to see this, we got to the mote of the Český Krumlov Castle. There were two happy bears, stocked up with plenty of food, water, space and shade. This was no moat full of bears at all and they weren’t going to scare us away. But hey, bears in a mote around an ancient castle is something worth seeing!

Actually a really interesting town, with restaurants lining the alleys and a beautiful view of the town from the castle. Trdelink is a traditional pastry I tried from a little window front. It’s a large cylinder with different flavoured cream spreads around the inside served warm. Vanilla Cream was my choice of flavour and it was really great.




Prague Prague Prague!!! NEXT DESTINATION!!! Like most cities, what’s the hype about Prague? What am I going to experience, who am I going to meet, what am I going to see? No idea what so ever. But hello Prague. Very glad you made your way into my life because I will never forget you! Actually like a fairy tale. The architecture is gothic with every building holding its own character and beauty. Every corner is a new story of what Prague has to offer. So much energy lined the streets from food to live entertainment, top quality buskers and street artists.




Two great artists, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol had works on display and there was no way I was missing out on that! I love art and all that is art, however experiencing a gallery of great artists original work is something I had never done. So much more appreciation for these guys now! Worth a visit any day! I would recommend it to anyone, non art lovers and all. Appreciating things that other people put time and energy into is something worth spending your own time on.

The guys below were awesome! A group of a dozen or so on wind instruments rocking out to classic hits and just having a great time, entertaining the crowds and clearly enjoying what they do!




Prague, you are amazing and so far my favourite city visited. Keep doing what you do and take a visit to this city because you will walk away leaving a piece of your heart behind.

Keep Smiling!

Renae x


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