European Getaway | Austrian Views and a Great Jump

Okay, so since I read the optional activities for the Topdeck tour I had my heart set on sky diving in Switzerland. Unfortunately this wasn’t possible however Austria provided the same experience for a lot cheaper so in the long run. Austria knows what’s best and that was my afternoon activity planned.

One plane, one parachute, a super excited me and the stunning Austrian Alps was all that was needed to make this a really enjoyable time. The weather could not have been better, mid 30’s and a clear blue sky. There were three of us from the group that decided that sky diving would be worth it!

Getting the gear on was a quick simple process and to change into the overalls? Well, nah’ it was warm enough without them. Getting some fun jump shots on the ground for some quality footage before I knew it we were flying. Heading over the alps and to the total height of 12,000ft.




Views!!! The most scenic flight, weaving around the mountains and passing over acres and acres greenery. It is beautiful! It took perhaps 10 minutes to reach the height and free fall of 7ish seconds and another few minutes to glide back to land.



I thought a state of realisation and terrified feelings would come over me but surprisingly it didn’t. I was calm on the way up and even with my legs hanging out the side of the plane. It was a weird but awesome feeling. Knowing with all the faith I have, every inch of trust I had was put into God and let him take over where I was, what was happening and who  I was and am becoming. I’ve learnt from this and the trip that letting worry or doubt into my head isn’t a fun time and to just let go, let God and enjoy what he has put in my life and where it’s taking me. So cheers God! You do good!

Don’t think about it, just go! Save a few pennies and take the jump of your life because I guarantee you will learn alot about yourself and would do it again and again in a heartbeat!

Keep Smiling!

Renae x

*Thanks to the team at St Johann in Tirol Alpen Tandemspringen for the photos and the best time ever!*


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