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Quick lunch stop on the way to Tuscany was Pisa. You know, that little town with that leaning building. It’s cool! There are some detailed buildings surrounding it too that I didn’t even realise. 

IMG_4646 (1)



The heart of Tuscany. Such a beautiful area, vineyard, hills and quaint little villages. Florence was a great day trip. Such a cool city and a lovely welcome to Italy. Gelato shops around every corner was actually great! We started the morning off with a walking tour that took us past the Statue of David, to an amazing cathedral! Such a delicate piece of art. We ended with a leather demonstration. First taste of Italian tomatoes was something I wasn’t expecting! THE BEST TOMATOES! So much flavour. There is an incredible lookout planted on the top of a hill, a nice walk up with the most amazing views of the city that lies beneath. You really have to see Florence from above to appreciate the layout and architecture that makes up this city. Roaming the back streets of Florence allowed us to see the true vibrance and pure enjoyment of watching the world pass by in true Italian style.  

IMG_4715 (1)


IMG_4739 (1)



Wild Boar sandwiches, cobble streets and the Orvieto Cathedral that is stripped in the stone work. A cool little stop on our way to the ancient city of Rome. These buskers were a nice touch. 


IMG_4844 (1)



Rome wasn’t built in a day, that’s for sure! This city is crazy. So many stories lay beneath the paths of this city and the structures still standing plays a vital part in appreciating where Rome was and where it is today. There is so much to see and could easily spend a week exploring and learning about this city. 


IMG_5000 (1)

The Colosseum is actually breath taking! IT’S HUGE! Put it on the list to see and get a tour through the inside as there’s so much to learn about it architecturally and historically.


IMG_4918 (1)

IMG_4936 (1)

IMG_4943 (1)


IMG_4954 (1)




IMG_5033 (1)


What even are waterways? You wouldn’t know until you hit up Venice! This city was built on a swamp and is sinking. Not ideal at all. Make your way though the city by boat, bike or foot and see the incredible colours that makes this city wonderful. Take a gondola ride through the  side canals into the grand canal. It’s such a peaceful way to see this fascinating place. The photos speak for themselves but still doesn’t do Venice justice.







Italy has so many places to see and are all very different. Spend time exploring and immersing yourself in the cuisine and culture that makes up Italy.

Keep Smiling!

Renae x


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