European Getaway | France

20 days, 10 countries, 49 friends, 1 bus and a whole lot of fun? A Top Deck tour was on the cards and it began in London. 7am wake up, keen as beans and ready to go. It’s always a little daunting beginning something with people you have never met, for such a vast time and travelling so close together.

Getting from England to France required the ferry and it all was smooth sailing. We met our home for the next few weeks, and I was quite impressed. The bus was good and so were the people I was travelling with. Mostly Aussies with a few New Zealanders,  South Africans, Mexicans and English as well. It was a great mix of friends and accents.

Paris was stop number one. What a city. I have always wanted to visit Paris after studying the Eiffel Tower back in little grade 7. And here it is. In person. It’s huge and just as beautiful as I imagined. The way it’s lit up at night really captures the beauty that is the Eiffel Tower. Originally this tower was built as an entrance arch for the International Exhibition of Paris in 1889 and was meant to be disassembled however it still stands tall and proud today. It’s worth a visit however queues to climb are quite lengthy, hence why I stayed on the ground, but hey, it looks just as impressive from underneath.

Tour de Eiffel
Tour de Eiffel
The Lourve
The Louvre (home to the ‘Mona Lisa’)
Norte Dame de Paris
Norte Dame de Paris

So there’s this thing in Paris that I never knew of until I saw it myself. To make parking a car here possible it is crucial you leave your handbrake off so another vehicle can push you (with the bumper) up to the following car so they can fit. Hence why all the cars have damaged bumpers. No joke, this is a thing and you have to see it to understand how tight parking really is. Public transport is a must when visiting this city. The city is quite simple to navigate thanks to huge landmarks however most side streets look very similar. Never mind that… getting lost is fun, right?!

IMG_4282 One cannot visit France and not eat snails. Am I right? Get them in your belly! If garlic is your thing I guarantee snails will be too! IMG_4043 Paris is definitely worth a visit just for the experience. It’s not a place I would go again due to the huge amount of people and the untidiness of the city, however I enjoyed my short stay and seeing some world famous sights was a great tick off the bucket list. Merci Paris!

We made our way to Tuscany. This was so beautiful! Actually a trip highlight. Reminding me of home there was fresh air, smooth hills and vineyard weaving its way through the valley. We were fortunate enough to experience a home cooked meal at a small local winery; Villa Buonasera (check it out). They owners are lovely and it was a great chilled night, tasting wines and eating pasta. France you have been wonderful! Thank you for your hospitality and local cuisine that went down a treat!

Make a stop here and spend some time embracing the culture that is France.

Keep Smiling!

Renae x


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