Getting Foreign | What Up Wimbledon?!

I LOVE TENNIS! It’s actually the only sport I can really get into and thoroughly enjoy on television so why would one not go to the Wimbledon Championships? A grounds pass was idealistic which required ‘The Queue’. I actually had no idea how this worked but a bit of research and talking to others later I realised its actually a pretty big thing.

We met some lovely lads at the hostel in London and chatting to them they went a couple days before. They recommended getting there fairly early to get a decent place in line as they only let 7500 people through at a time, before you have to wait for others to leave. But seriously, 7500 people in one queue during each morning for 2 weeks, what!!?

Alarm set 4:30am (not a problem.. we just got up with the sun), and jumped on the tube headed straight for Wimbledon. It was simple to spot a tennis goer from a normal work person. Comfy shoes, hat, backpack, water bottle and enthusiasm was key to making this day a success. We got in The Queue around 6:30am and was number 3627. Good spot to be. A couple hours later the line was moving and we made it to the tennis grounds!

Duckworth vs. Groth
Duckworth vs. Groth




Hewitt and Kokkinakis Double Match
Hewitt and Kokkinakis Double Match

The grounds at Wimbledon are like no other. They are immaculate! Tidy, neat and the gardens are so well kept. Purple flowers scattered everywhere alongside the fresh grass courts makes for a good photograph.


Wimbledon is a great place to experience sport at its best and spending a whole day there is totally worth the early start. It was a superb experience and one sure to tell the grandkids all about one day!

Keep Smiling,

Renae x


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