Getting Foreign | London’s Calling

Okay, so the travel bug has got me good! The idea of adventuring out of what you know, into something you don’t and potentially getting real lost or just a crazy amount of blessings come your way and you don’t understand how, but just happen creating a stomach full of excited butterflies. All these feelings and a bit of saving has brought me to the my first destination London, England.



Monument hunting in London is like finding sky scrapers in New York City. They are everywhere, and not hard to find either because they’re big!! The rule of go big or go home applies to this city. The buildings are grand, detailed and old however still in top notch condition. It’s beautiful how such a modern, populated and busy city can navigate they way around these historic, classy buildings. Keeping the character of a building to highlight the history this is something London has nailed. It really is beautiful.


When in London, Fish & Chips are calling. The Draft House, a little pub up from Tower Bridge was the first taste of England and wow, was that great for the senses! This place knows what’s up and that fish with those peas, chips and a pint (really huge) of cider went down a treat! Make a stop here and enjoy, because you will!

'The Draft House' - Fish & Chips
‘The Draft House’ – Fish & Chips

London is huge, yes there are lots of people and yep, full concentration should be applied when walking the streets. What are road name signs? and lets cross the road when the traffic light man is still red. Feeling like a local comes naturally when you gain the confidence to cross the road and you feel like a champion when navigating the tube. Jump on board a train and 20 minutes later end up in a completely different part of town. Being underground my bearings have gone but the maps make it simple and colour coded even better! Appreciate colour always.

Thank you London! Wimbledon may or may not be on the cards next…

Keep Smiling,

Renae x


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