What’s around that corner?

…. Is something I’m always asking myself. I guess the grass seems better on the other side in theory, and we just can’t help to hope there is something greater over there.


I went on a trip with a good buddy a few months back looking for photography ops (it was a photo taking trip). I was hoping to find beautiful scenery, busy people and capture some wonderful city moments however I didn’t find myself achieving this.

Instead I was looking down alley ways, behind buildings and the parts of the city not many people take notice of. I guess I was looking for more but while doing that I was seeing ‘alley way beauty’ and witnessing lines, shape and otherwise boring architecture I had never noticed before. It suddenly meant something and to think that some one had gone to the effort of designing, painting, building or living in that is wonderful!

IMG_1177 IMG_1172IMG_1174

I guess what I’m saying is there’s something amazing in everything, you just have to look to see. Once you see, this world will never be boring again! Promise.

Keep smiling,

Renae x


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